Thinking ahead

'Thinking ahead' exercises are completely different and more diverse than the other workbooks.
For example:

Blindfold chess
Instead of a board with pieces, you will see an empty board with only notation of the position of each piece on the side.

Blindfold exercises
Similar to route planner, but visualizing every move.

If then exercises
The student has to visualize a possible move of the opponent, before solving the exercise. Sometimes multiple possible moves of the opponent are given for the same diagram.

The 'Thinking ahead' series starts at the Step 2 level. The best moment to introduce them is after a student finished workbook 'Plus' of the same level. Thinking ahead Step 3, 4 and 5 are under development. Co-author is Boris Friesen.

The answers of the workbook 'Thinking ahead' can be downloaded from our site. See 'workbook answers' in the menu.